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Introduction the subcritical extraction oil patent technology and its characteristics:

Subcritical fluid is mainly liquefied butane and propane. The solvent composition mostly below 0 ℃boiling point, boiling point -42.07 ℃which propane, butane boiling point -0.5 ℃, is a gas at room temperature and atmospheric pressure, pressure of liquid. The basic principle of the process is: under normal temperature and pressure ( 0.3MPa - 0.8MPa ), using the subcritical fluid extraction oil blank ( such as walnut, primrose etc.), and then the solvent decompression gasification mixing oil and meal, solvent gas after gasification after compressor condensing liquefied recycling. The technology has been replaced by supercritical technology, has the advantages of low cost ( and No. 6 solvent extraction cost rather than the supercritical extraction, low cost large scale ( 60% ), daily processing 100 kg --200 tons ). Extraction is widely used in heat-sensitive materials, ensure the effective component of material is not affected by temperature damage.

The advantages of the patented technology:

( 1 ) After extraction of the meal, good quality, meal of water soluble proteins invariance rate is greater than 95%, the residual oil is less than 1% meal, residual solvent is less than 50ppm;
( 2 ), low solvent consumption, tons of material consumption solution is less than 6kg;
( 3 ), Without steam, hot water is only 90 ℃, relative No. six solvent, which can save energy 70%;
( 4 ), The production of no "three wastes pollution ", which belongs to the environmental protection engineering;
( 5 ), Extraction of light color oil, lecithin content is low, the oil solvent is less than 1ppm;
( 6 ), Extraction at normal temperature, low temperature ( below 30 DEG C ) solution, no damage to the sensitive meal and oil, process is ideal for expensive oil, pigment, extraction of Chinese herbal medicine;
( 7 ), Small investment, low production cost ( relative of supercritical carbon dioxide extraction equipment );
( 8 ), Source of subcritical fluid is wide, low price. The solvent oil and gas field, the refinery has this product, and the price is lower than six solvent.


Part of the project company list in recent years:

Project implementation unit
Raw material name
The scale of the project
AnYang ManTianXue Food Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Wheat germ 80 tons / day  
HeNan KunHua Biological Technology Co., Ltd. grape pip 80tons/day  
QuJing BoHao Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Marigold granule 30 tons /50 tons 2 sets
YanQi SaiTe Pigment Co., Ltd. ( Xinjiang) Marigold, pepper particles 30 tons / day
HanDan East Star Biological Technology Co., Ltd. Pepper particles 30 tons  
GanSu FengLei Pigment Co., Ltd. Marigold granule 20 tons  
HeiLongJiang TaiPing Marigold Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. Marigold granule 30tons  
JiangSu ChangShu City Jincheng Oil Co., Ltd. soybean 50 tons / day  
The Cargill Alking Biological Engineering (HuBei) Co., Ltd. Microbial oil ARA 1 ton / day  
HuBei FuXing Biological Technology Co., Ltd. Microbial oil ARA, DHA 1 ton /1 ton /2 tons 3 sets
HuBei YouZhiYouBiological Technology Co., Ltd. Microbial oil ARA, DHA 1 ton /2 tons 2 sets
ShanDong Province GaoTang LanShan Group Corporation Peanut protein 50 tons /50 tons 2 sets
GanSu WuWei Walter Biological Technology Co., Ltd. Hop pellets 8 tons/day  
The Nantong HaoSi Tea Industry Biological Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Camellia oleifera seed 30tons/day  
HeBei ChenGuang Natural Pigment Co., Ltd. Marigold granule grape seed 30tons/day  
ShanXi FeiHe SanTai Biological Technology Co., Ltd. Semen juglandis 10tons / day  
YunNan The Atlantic Biological Technology Co., Ltd. Semen juglandis 10tons/day  
HeBei XinJi ChangHong Grease Company Corn germ 50tons/day 2D leaching


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