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Take the rice bran oil (rice oil)

Subcritical extraction technology won the first prize in the national food reserve of scientific and technological achievements, in 2013 and won the second prize of China cereals, oils and society results.Currently has been widely used in the special oil, vegetable protein, fine chemicals, natural pigment, medicine, food and other industries, it is replaced by supercritical CO2 technology revolutionary results.Successively completed more than 60 projects in China.The main components of the subcritical extraction solvent is liquefied butane or propane.

★★Subcritical butane extraction hair oil solvent leaching than 6 rice hair oil
A high content of oryzanol 12.7%
Phytosterol content is 16.9% higher
A high content of vitamin E by 65.8%
★★Oil leaching hair colour and lustre is shallow, the oil color is bright
★★In the rice bran meal without heating, meal protein denaturation
★★Compared with the no. 6 solvent leaching process, subcritical butane is more suitable for oil production of rice

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