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A fat-soluble substances, subcritical extractionSubcritical extraction of fat-soluble substance of patent technology : the extraction solvent for butane or tetrafluoroethane, the solvent boiling point components mostly below 0 ℃, the butane boiling point -0.5 ℃, tetrafluoroethane boiling point -26 ℃. The patent technology is the State Science and technology " Torch Plan ", the State Development Planning Commission " technology pilot plan " and the State Economic and Trade Commission, " science and technology demonstration project". It has been widely used in special edible oil, vegetable protein, fine chemical, natural pigment, medicine, food and other industries, has in the country built more than 30 project.

The advantages of the two, the patent technology:

( 1 ) The leached particles or cake quality is good, keep the original heat-sensitive material does not damage. Such as meal of water soluble proteins invariance rate is greater than 95%, the stability of the pigment particle residue, further development of vegetable protein or senior feed; residual oil is less than 1%, residual solvent is less than 50ppm;
( 2 ) Extraction at normal temperature, low temperature ( < 40 ℃) exsolution, heat-sensitive substances leached oil almost no damage; pigment extract after leaching in high yield, color bright, reflective yellow or chilli red pigment, process is ideal for valuable oil and natural pigment quality extraction;
The processing range:
1 ) Project, tomato red pigment extraction capsanthin, marigold yellow pigment, pigment, pigment, natural pigment.
2 ) Walnut comprehensive development project, products for the walnut oil, walnut powder, walnut milk skim.
3 ) Erucic acid amide purification project, the erucic acid amide purity reached the international level, the content is more than 98.8%.
4 ) Wheat germ oil, sea buckthorn seed oil, grape seed oil, chrysanthemum, green spine nut oil, microbial oil, cocoa butter, tea seed oil, almond oil, pomegranate seed oil, pine nut oil, hazelnut oil, safflower oil, wolfberry seed oil, evening primrose oil, black currant oil, coix seed quality oil extraction, watermelon seed, melon seed oil and other health care oil.
5 ) Comprehensive development and utilization of pumpkin seed project, product pumpkin seed oil, pumpkin seed protein defatted milk, protein powder.
6 ) Extraction of microbial oils.
7 ) Rose, clary sage, osmanthus flowers, rosemary extract.
8 ) Extraction of Chinese herbal medicine of liposoluble constituents.
9 ) Processing garlic, onion oil, cumin oil, mustard oil, ginger oil, seasoning oil extraction.
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